How can I make my website rank better in search engines?

August 10, 2013

The process of improving your website to allow it to rank more highly in search engines (such as Google) for your target keywords is called Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.

There are three main components to good SEO:

  1. Choosing a good list of key phrases for which you want your website to rank well. If you put in any of the keywords on your list into a search engine, you want your website to show at least on the first page of results. This is an important and fairly tricky step to get right, as there are many things to consider. For example, extremely competitive keywords such as ‘real estate’ or ‘life insurance’ are very hard to rank highly for, because there are so many other websites out there also trying to be in the top 10 for those keywords. So you need to choose keywords that are specific to your business, that people are actually using when they search for businesses like yours, but without being so broad that you don’t have a realistic hope of competing against the big guys.
  2. Ensuring that your website content, headings, links and page descriptions all represent your keywords well. It makes sense that a web page called ‘Modern Cloth Nappies’, for example, with headings, content, photos and links mentioning these words and related to this topic, will rate more highly for a search on this term than one that does not. Usually each page of your website will need to target slightly different keywords under a common theme.
  3. Raising the profile of your website by increasing the number of other websites who link to you. In general, the more websites who link to you, the more highly Google and other search engines will rank your website, as they see your website as a popular source for information.

SEO is an important but potentially difficult area of website development, which is impossible to fully explain in one short answer. JebWeb Solutions can help with each of these 3 areas and provide more specific advice for your situation. If you’d like to talk more about it, just get in touch!

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