How much will it cost to develop my website?

August 10, 2013

The main way to tell how much a website will cost, is to figure out how much time is required to create it.

JebWeb Solutions aim to keep the cost of your website lower, by reducing the time spent in development.

We keep this amount of time smaller in a few different ways:

      1. Using an approach called incremental development, where the client is able to see results and provide feedback from a very early stage in the process, greatly reducing the scope for misunderstandings and wasted time.
        Clients of JebWeb Solutions receive access to a client-only ‘preview’ version of their website once the basic layout and design are ready, to enable them to be involved in the design of the site from the beginning. This speeds up the difficult task of transforming a vague mental vision into a functional and great looking website.
        This approach provides you with a working website in a very short timeframe, allowing you to then add extra features and changes gradually, thus managing your costs more effectively.
      2. Using WordPress where possible as the framework for your website.
        There are thousands of beautiful, professional, modern and elegant WordPress themes out there to choose from. Finding one that matches your priorities in terms of features and style will cut down the time and cost of your website dramatically.
        JebWeb Solutions can help you find the right theme to use as your starting point. Our expertise and familiarity with WordPress then makes the task of customising a theme with your own branding, colours, fonts, photos, images, content and features a largely straightforward process. You are invited to provide feedback throughout development to ensure that you and your budget are happy with the result.

When you combine these techniques to reduce development time with our reasonable rates and experience in knowing the best ways to deliver the features that are important to you, you get a fast and affordable website custom-built just for you.

Check out our portfolio of satisfied clients, and get in touch today to get started on your own new or updated website!

Also ask about our special non-profit rate if you fit this category, for even more savings.

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