Jacqui M Design

  • September 7, 2011

Jacqui M Design is a boutique florist that designs exclusively for weddings throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas. From the button holes and bridal bouquets to the over-all theme, your every expectation will be surpassed. From your first consultation, to walking down the aisle, you will be delighted. Jacqui M Design ensures a unique wedding of distinction.

I’ve had so many more contact leads since you’ve taken over my website Jo, and I love how easily and quickly you can make changes to fit within my budget!

The Jacqui M website was initially developed elsewhere, but was transferred over to JebWeb Solutions in order to maximise its ranking in search engines and allow for quick and easy future updates, from the trivial things such as adding extra photos and images, to more complicated requests such as adding and removing pages to optimise the content of the site.

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