Salsa Design

  • May 7, 2010

Salsa Design creates elegant & vintage looking canvas art, and allows you to create a work of canvas art with your photos or ideas. They also provide graphic design services for small business: media ads, brochures, photo scanning and anything graphic related.

Your services are truly a godsend to me as this is materializing into my vision and what I need. This looks great I love it, thanks to you the branding of Salsa with black & red is a success. The feedback I’ve had of the website is great, they say it’s very user friendly. I just love the black and red.
The Salsa Design website is a custom website developed from scratch in a short timeframe, to meet an urgent need for an online presence that allows current and prospective customers to create their own custom word-based art, view example artworks, then order and pay online via PayPal.
Specific client visions regarding colour schemes and the look and feel of the site were combined with the required functionality of online ordering and payment to create a website that is both useful and stylish. Top priorities were identified in consultation with the client to allow a speedy implementation of the initial version of the website, with room to add future features and functionality later as required in a more flexible timeframe.

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