The Water Diverters

  • October 29, 2013

The Water Diverters is an Australian company based in Hervey Bay, who invent, design and manufacture the ‘Lenny’: a round or rectangular downpipe water diverter.

The Lenny is a very simple, safe, strong and effective water saving device, designed to catch rain water off your roof before it disappears down your drain forever, and divert your rain water to fill your water tank, swimming pool or to your garden for a good deep soaking. They also sell other products such as the Shower Stop, Underwater Light Show, and Wheelie Bin Tap.

Great work Jo, it looks good!! Thanks so much for your quick work. It’s good to go live!!

The Water Diverters website was in need of an updated look, better organisation of information, more streamlined product ordering functionality and better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

I chose and customised a WordPress theme that would allow the branding of the website to remain consistent while still providing a fresh look for the layout. A good choice of heading fonts and colours to match the logo was also important in improving the look of the site’s content, as was ensuring the consistency of photo sizes and including relevant widgets in the footer. As part of the update I also added better ecommerce support for listing and selling the products on offer by the business.

To improve the website’s rankings in search engines, I optimised both the on-page headings, titles, descriptions and content as well as promoting the website online to improve it’s popularity. To increase awareness of the business and its products I also created a Facebook page for them, which is still in its early days.

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